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Norcross High School Assessment Contacts

Gateway:  Hunter Marshburn

Georgia Milestones/EOC:  Hunter Marshburn

PSAT / AP:  Samela Reid

SPG: Hunter Marshburn

ACCESS:  Ashley Watson

Assessment Clerk:  Beth Jordan

Click here for the 2019-2020 Testing Calendar

Post Graduate Testing Information

House Bill 91 Diploma Information

Governor Nathan Deal signed House Bill 91 into law on March 30, 2015.  The law contains provisions for students no longer enrolled in the school system to petition the Local Board of Education for a diploma if their sole reason for not receiving a diploma was due to not passing any part of the required graduation tests at the time of enrollment. Please follow this link to access the Diploma Petition form.

Gateway for Post-Graduates

Pre-registration for the Gateway Retest and Gateway Alternate for Post-Grads are now on the GCPS Gateway Homepage.

Location of Post-Grad Gateway classes and tests:

Gwinnett Online Campus Building
713 Hi Hope Rd
Lawrenceville, GA  30043

Post-Grad Gateway Registration Instructions 



Miranda McLaren

Accountability and Assessment

What is the Gateway Alternate?
The Gateway Alternate program is a combination of classes and the test administration. The intervention classes provide aligned content remediation and daily written practice on a sample Gateway prompt. At the conclusion of the classes, students participate in the Gateway assessment. The class ratio is approximately 7 students to 1 teacher.

Why take the Gateway Alternate?
The success of students who participate in the Gateway Alternate program significantly increases because of the targeted instruction and immediate feedback from teachers regarding the practice writing assignments.

What are the requirements of the Gateway Alternate?

    • Attendance at all sessions is mandatory (4 sessions).
    • Students must be on time and attend each 2 hour session.
    • Writing is required during each class period.
    • Completion of all homework assignments is mandatory.
    • Adherence to Gwinnett County Public Schools Code of Conduct is required.
    • Transportation must be provided by the student.
    • Students must present a picture ID (and documentation of name change) and attend all intervention classes and participate in the assessment. 


Test Preparation

  • USA Testprep
    • USA Testprep provides wonderful practice for the Gateway and Georgia Milestones EOC tests.  For login information please see a NHS teacher or email one of the NHS Assessment Office contacts above.
    • USA Testprep Subjects Available
      • Language Arts
        • 9th Grade Literature and Composition (CCGPS)
        • American Literature and Composition (CCGPS)
      • Mathematics
        • Coordinate Algebra (CCGPS)
        • Analytic Geometry (CCGPS)
      • Science
        • Biology (GPS)
        • Chemistry (GPS)
        • Physical Science (GPS)
      • Social Studies
        • Economics (GPS)
        • US History (GPS)
        • World History (GPS)
    • USA Testprep Quick Start Guide for Students